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A Docker DevOps Workflow for Drupal

DevOps written on knuckles

Having switched my development and production workflow to Docker, I was surprised to learn there's (still?) not much out there by way of a Docker toolkit for Drupal development.

An initial search yielded a few projects geared toward Drupal 7, but not much specific to Drupal 8.

The ongoing product of my experience is up on Github, and I'd be interested in how it works for others. The initial scaffolding is accomplished using Composer, after earlier versions depended on an install bash script. The resulting container uses supervisord to run cron and rsyslogd alongside Apache.

Next steps include migrating to PHP 7, and finding a better way to provide an interface to Drush from outside the container.

Try it out and let me know what you think - or better yet, submit issues and pull requests to make this project better for everyone.