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Enterprise Web Hosting

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Trust your web hosting to a local expert, not a faceless blob!

It's said, "you get what you pay for," and that's especially true in the world of web hosting. While "commodity" hosting at the "something-host" guys is appropriate for hobbyist sites, ask yourself what they've done to earn the trust of your business. Look at the service-level agreements and you'll discover why these behemoth hosting companies can charge so little.

I already paid for my web site, why should I worry about hosting?

If your current web vendor said it's OK to host your site "wherever," it's time to look elsewhere. While there's no particular secret to stable, scalable web infrastructure, you need a partner you can trust to lay out your options and help tailor a plan that fits your business. Not every web site needs the gold-plated, uber-expensive plan, but you can't shop the bargain basement, either. I have experience with all manner of clients and can help explain your options and tailor a hosting solution that fits your risk profile.

So, what's it cost?

Good question! In the course of a discovery session, we will discuss various options for hosting, scalability and disaster recovery. (No technology is perfect and contingency planning is part of why you'll want to hire me!) Generally speaking, my web hosting clients pay no less than $100/month for basic hosting, and more based on their specific needs. An enterprise-grade e-commerce site with scaling and disaster failover needs could cost $1,000/month or more, depending on complexity. How much do you pay your best salesperson? Solid web hosting should be considered an investment in sales and marketing, not a dead-weight afterthought in the budget. If you've ever suffered unnecessary downtime due to a vendor's lack of forethought, let's talk.

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