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Refunds and Privacy Policy

While I write a contract unique to each client's needs, in general my policy relating to privacy and refunds is standard:


Hosting contracts are written on month-to-month terms, with fees due monthly or quarterly, in advance. Except where we cover advance costs on behalf of the client, refunds are available for any hosting prepaid beyond the current month. For instance, a client who paid for the first quarter's web hosting service may cancel during January for February and March service with a 2/3 refund of the prepaid amount. Month-to-month clients may cancel prior to the end of the month but are not entitled to pro-rated refunds for partial months of service.

Specific contracts may contain additional language relating to expense-sharing, refunds and other customer-specific circumstances.

Privacy Policy

We do not sell, rent or otherwise disclose client data without express permission. Client web applications may have their own privacy policies in force, as this global policy only applies to our direct relationship with hosting clients. We may, however, contact you from time to time regarding the status of your service, billing issues or promotional offers by virtue of your business relationship with us.

We reserve the right to amend these general terms at any time. Contract-specific addenda are addressed in accordance with the terms of the contract. Version 1.0, effective May 3, 2016