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The Tech!

Open-source software rules the Internet. No license fees here! As a PHP-focused developer, I can help you tap into a deep well of community-developed software to meet your business needs.


Brad is one of Denver's leading experts in Drupal, the world's most exciting and versatile content management system. Don't pay a consultant to learn this complex software on your dime.

Let's Encrypt

Never pay for an SSL certificate again. All client sites are secured with industry-standard TLS security ("SSL"), through our automated use of Let's Encrypt, the open-source effort to protect the Internet from snooping government and hacker eyes.


My web hosting customers enjoy the benefits of Docker, the same Linux container technology that powers some of the world's biggest websites.


Moodle is the world's most popular learning management system (LMS), and with good reason. Deploy Moodle for your organization, without the hassle of managing in-house hosting.

GitLab CI

Enterprise clients enjoy the benefits of continuous integration and deployment. In layman's terms: We automatically test all your code before deploying it. Does your current vendor do that?